Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Yet Another Year Comes To An End

On that same inhumane street when I tread,
It ever finds me guilty of being unable and afraid.
Next time I assure, irrespective of fear, to defend.
Of courage, of fear yet another year comes to an end.

Everywhere around foul filth surrounds,
System's rotten and rationality hardly counts.
Although little, I assert to care and mend.
Of good, of evil yet another year comes to an end.

Fear of betrayal locks me in a room,
Out I see foes more and much of gloom.
But its all living so I avow to peep out of window and make a friend.
Of love, of hate yet another year comes to an end.

I am sorry again for my irresponsible attempt,
I retreated without even a try.
Amidst dark but towards optimism I pledge to tend,
Of hope, of despair yet another year comes to an end.

Knocking at doors is the dawn of following year
And I promise as always to play it fair.
Some goodness I'll borrow, some I'll lend,
Of life, of me yet another year comes to an end.

Monday, December 16, 2013

One Small Latch

On that cold winter night
They slept sound with blanket and shawl
With no any reason for fright,
Knowing little the night would change all.

The winds blew cold and dry
And night held the silence dark.
Yet the dacoits entered the villa with an easy try
Hushing up the labrador before it even barked.

Daughter and mother were woken by a fray
Only to note what was being stolen
And to watch all being carried away
Calmly and peacefully at just a point of gun.

Gulped a bandit the fire rampant
Burning his conscience, compassion and fears.
The blaze spread further violent
That'd be quenched only by the daughter's tears.

The brigands dragged her to a room
Leaving mother in shock and fright.
They were trampling a flower yet to bloom
And were sabotaging a figure slight.

They savagely hit her, bit her, gagged her
And on her their lechery was descending.
They pushed her, pulled her, strangled her,
Fouled her as if to mar a pleasing painting.

Mother out gathered all the shattered emotions
And rushed to the latched door.
She knocked, thumped, hammered
And tried to ram the door.
Then for pity did she plead
But all in vain for the mother poor.

Mother unified all courage, ire and grit
Though she was none their match.
She wanted to squelch them under feet,
But alas! all was locked by one small latch.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Quagmire

'I see you sinking
As the earth gulps you in with mercy less,
But none help can I bring
For alone we both seem at this place.
'Eluding me you ran to the mire
Whilst I watched and stood frail.
'You perhaps were appealed by the delusive attire
Or to hold you firm I did fail.'
Lamented more one half, 'This quagmire
Thrilled you amid placid beauty
Which beneath water bears ravaging fire
That drowns all with none pity.'
The other half puled, 'The cold in here chills my blood,
Marching through veins softly annexes my mind
And locks the feet deep in mud,
Further which enfeebles and turns me blind.
'To get off I have will no less;
I push, I try but all in vain.
'Fate alas, whatever I face,
I'll be with you albeit as stain.'

Monday, November 25, 2013

An Unstable Mind

Just a moment ago it was far there
And now, well, it's in the poem here.
It tramped with Tagore for a moment
And now with the onus of Donne is it bent.

Just now it was bathing in the sun,
Then it strolled on mountains at horizon
Where from it dived in river and swimming,
It's back here at window, peeping.

Just a while ago counting stars was  blithe
And now it's slept caring none for sheath.
Ah! it was in dreams of fame,
How then does it wake so lame?

Sometimes it does want relation
And at other it prefers isolation.
Sometimes evil it hosts
And at other the benevolence it boasts.

A moment ago it was gripped by fears
And now look what courage it bears.
Just a while ago did it seem to think
And now it does in vacuum sink.

Then it backed Marx with support grand
And now behind Locke it does stand.
Then it rode on the eagle in sky
And now it flies the dove high.

At a moment it does hound
And at the other it finds around.
But alas, it only appears to have been found,
For to so clusters is it bound.

Just a moment ago it held the reins firmly
And now it is set loose and free.
How can  such unstable mind so simply
Yearn Nirvana, enlightenment and epiphany?

Sound and stable should mind be,
For it wanders even under the Bodhi.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Void Roars

Dark clouds only gather
But they do not pour
For they are afraid rather
Of the deluge that'll fore.

The chatak hovers hoping for drops,
The scorched land longs for a embrace,
The dried trunks ask mortgaged green robes.
None as well wants nothing less.

But Lord Indra stultifies them all
For he ostentatiously holds the anchors
Commanding clouds not to fall
And thus they fear his wrath.

Dark clouds indeed when pour
Have the might to break all wrath
And ouster all with reign no more, 
But perhaps they fear the bitter aftermath.